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POINTLeb :: Light modern look !


Open source has been the most affordable and flexible to offer best web solutions for website holders, although we do offer and build custom programed website, we encourage the usage and customization of open source products, lately we have been topping on Joomla !


Image New Templates customizations !
With new open source products we are able to offer
Multi-lingual pages, translations, and multi designs !

You could have you same website design, look and formatting
in up to 6 different colors automatically with only consideration
for the logo and images coloration !


Have your website , your way , color variations, style choosers, menu variations where you can simply in few clicks change the way your visitors navigate your website.

All modules have variations and positions, you just point your content to which position (on the predefined map) so that your content shows up at that spot on the spot !

Different styles, different sizes and all flexible positions ! And the best of all ... its most affordable !



Joomla! License Guidelines


This website is powered by Joomla! The software and default templates on which it runs are Copyright 2005 Open Source Matters. All other content and data, including data entered into this website and templates added after installation, are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners.

If you want to distribute, copy or modify Joomla!, you are welcome to do so under the terms of the GNU General Public License. If you are unfamiliar with this license, you might want to read 'How To Apply These Terms To Your Program' and the 'GNU General Public License FAQ'.


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Service and Support

24/7 phone and email support are available all through DOTLeb and services, for ns1 clients a US toll free number (480) 624-2500 is available, make sure you have your account number and pin ready before you place a call.

iPod and iTunes

iPhones, iPod and iTunes products are now supported, we offer a wide variety of services providing Apple products to unlocking iPhone where all versions released are currently supported for unlocking and handeling, for more info contact us

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