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Extensions Details


Photo Gallery

Features include, but are not limited to:
- CSS-based layout (table-free, wherever possible)
- fullscreen animated JavaScript view (Lightbox, Slimbox or Thickbox3)
- manifold possibilities in the detail view: voting, commenting, BBCode for external linking, "Send to a friend" feature, adding nametags ("That’s me!")
- support for user profiles in Community Builder, Community Builder Enhanced and Social addons
- optional usage of EasyCapture for comments
- configurable watermarks
- EXIF and IPTC image data support
- access rights for categories
- user-created uploads and categories
- Favourites: users can store and download their favourite pictures
- Cooliris support
- configurable view of Toplists (top rated, last added, last commented, most viewed)
- several upload possibilities from backend and frontend (single upload, batch upload (Zip), FTP upload, Java upload)
- image processing using GD, GD2 or ImageMagick
- an interface class (API) gives other extensions (Plugins, Modules, ...) the possibility to integrate Gallery content
- afterwards resizing of detail pictures and thumbnails

Video Gallery

The component requires FFMPEG, MENCODER and FLVTOOL2 to run and can support the mpg, mpeg, avi, divx, mp4, flv, wmv, rm, mov, moov, asf, swf and vob video formats.

Videos from third party sources such as Youtube and Google video are also supported. These third party videos slot seamlessly into the component with the rest of the uploaded media, and in most cases these videos can be played through the local video player.

The software uses the plugin manager to support a variety of additional plugins. Template plugins can be used to style the gallery with a custom theme. Language plugins can be used to translate the software. Video player plugins can be used to change the video player. Third party video plugins can be used to import videos from popular video websites. System plugins can be used to trigger useful tasks on specific video events.

Users can interact with the videos using AJAX without disturbing the video playback. They can rate, comment, report and add videos to their favourites.

The hwdVideoShare component is part of the hwdMediaShare package created by Highwood Design, which also includes hwdPhotoShare and hwdRevenueManager. hwdRevenueManager can be used to manage text, image and video adverts in hwdVideoShare.

Additional modules and plugins are available which extend the functionality of the component. Currently, our video gallery integrates with Jom Social, Community Builder, Jom Comment, JComment, Kunena Forum, JACL, Google AdSense, Longtail Video network, sh404sef and ARTIO JoomSEF, SEFAdvanced, Alpha User Points and Twitter. We have also worked with JomSocial to produce a fully integrated video plugin for their social networking component. Display video directly on users' JomSocial profile pages.

Advanced Contact Forms

- GOOGLE MAPS integration

* Custom Fields: Now you can have as many custom fields as you wish. You can request whichever information you need from the users that contact you; Available field types: Text, Multitext(textarea), SelectList, Checkbox, Radiobutton, Date, Date Range, Number, Number Range, Multiple Files (ATTACHMENTS), SQL* ;
* Captcha Image to prevent robots to fill the forms, in other words, to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer, available captcha engines: ReCAPTCHA, SecurImage, MathGuard;
* Google Maps integration: Now you can easily add a map to thecontact page;
* If the user is logged in this script will get the name and email recorded in database, preventing the user to mistype his email
* It will get your users IP Address, Browser, Operating System and Screen resolution
* It uses MooTools to validate the form;
* It is also Safer and more reliable
* You can set each form to redirect to a specific page when the message is successfully sent

Custom Fields Available
* Text Field
* CheckBox
* Date
* Date range
* Free text (now it processes content plugins)
* Hidden input
* Multi-text (textarea)
* Multiple File Upload (attachments)
* Number
* Number Range Password
* Radio Button
* Select List
* SQL (get data from your database)

Downloads Directory

Downloads is a file download manager. It provides management of files and folders for you to present downloads to your site visitors. It is a native component that does not hack the code base and tracks its own separate tables. It works in both Windows and Unix environments and will recognize files and folders places on the file system via FTP or other method. It allows for a simple interface to manage your files and folders, publish them, and make them available to your users.

Included in the unified installer

* Latest Downloads Module
* Most Downloaded Module
* Recent Updates Module
* Downloads Search Plugin


* File uploading via web interface
* Syncing with file system.
* Article style descriptions for both files and folders.
* Introduction and full text descriptions.
* Tree view representation of folders
* Ordering for presentation.
* Customizable thumbnail images.
* Integrated Joomla! access control
* Customizable parameters for files.
* Download count tracking.
* Folder and file view layouts for presentation.
* Hot, new, and updated file tracking.
* Customizable front end presentation.
* Ajax based administration control
* and more....

Advanced Download Directory ( Plus Paid Downloads )

Nested Categories
Documents can be organized across infinite categories and subcategories

Custom Groups
Documents can be owned by a specific registered user, a groups of registered users, all registered users or everybody.

Powerful Permission System
Easily set default guest, frontend and document and creator permissions and fine-tuned permission on a document level. DOCman's permissions system gives you full control over who can access, edit, manage and download documents.

Remote or Local Storage
Files can either be hosted locally or you can easily link to files stiored on a remote server.

You can display a download counter per document. All downloads are also being logged (by user, IP, browser, date and hour) to give you full overview of what is happening with your documents.

Integrated Search System
Documents can be searched by name and/or description. The search system integrates with Joomla! using an optional Plugin

The built-in anti-leech system avoids direct linking to documents. Real paths to documents are never displayed to users

Flexible Themes
Change the look and feel of your documents repository using our flexible themeing system. Easily create your own themes to match the look and feel of you site.

Downloads Seller Included
How it works :
1. Customers go to your site, browse for documents and choose the documents which they want to purchase.
2. Customer fill in order form, pay for the selected documents using one on of available payment gateway .
3. Administrator will received an email notification about the order .
4. Customers will receive an confirmation email about the order. In this email, they can get the purchased documents (sent as attachments if you enable this feature). They can also get the documents by clicking on the download links sent in this email (if you enable this feature) .
5. Customers can come back to your site later to download future versions of the purchased documents. Of course, you can limit this download by time or by number of downloads (see explanation below) .
6. Administrator can manage these orders from back-end .
Features :
1. Nested categories : DMS allows you to organize your documents cross infinite categories and subcategories.
2. Documents management : DMS allows you to upload documents, enter document description, setup price and download restrictions from back-end of your site .
3. Flexible download restrictions : You can limit download by time or by number of download.
4. Multi-payment gateways support : Right now, DMS support Paypal, and Moneybooker payment gateways. We will continue working and adding more payment gateways to the extensions in the near future.
5. Offline payment support
6. Orders management : You can manage orders from back-end, assign an order to a user, export orders into csv format to view it in MS office application .
7. Powerful tags system.

ShowCases (Portfolios, Motor Show, Cinema listing, Etc)

  • Easily manage properties on the web
  • Publish and showcase your property with a click of button
  • Add unlimited number of custom fields - Extra Fields
  • Attach unlimited number of photos with your properties
  • Advanced Search Engine
  • Search Engine Optimized. Full support of Emir Sakic's SEF AdvancedEnhanced!
  • Caching System
  • META TAG Support
  • Dynamic title
  • Improved Handling of foreign currency (ie: Euro)
  • Print property details
  • Save property information as PDF file
  • Recommend property to your friend
  • Extention support
  • Report generating tool
  • Company & Agent
  • Allows individual Agent to log in and add his/her property
  • Approval System
  • Language support (Catalan, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Greek and German Formal)
  • Featured Property
  • Change the layout easily - CSS-based design
  • Hot Property Guide - Setup Assistance
  • 14 Free modules
  • 1 Free Searchbot
  • 1 Free hack
  • and much more!


This fully featured forum component is the result of a complete rewrite by jVitals developers after years of experience with the forked Agora 2.x. At all stages the community has been consulted, and with this extensive input Agora continues to be developed with a community focus.

jVitals' large dedicated community has downloaded Agora over 100,000 times and implemented it on thousands of sites serving millions of users.

Agora can be installed and configured in as little as 5 minutes with correct permissions and groups pre-set for your convenience. All that is required to create a functioning forum is to set up a set of Categories and Forums. The simplicity of such a basic configuration can easily be expanded with numerous advanced setting for subforums, advanced user and group permissions, and easy to install Styles to create a powerful flexible forum posting system.

Translated into 31 languages, you can use Agora almost anywhere in the world and have it understood.

In order to be as convenient as possible to adopt Agora has been designed to compliment your site and existing community. The designers have created styles to match almost any look. Notification emails can be customized to match your community, Styles are easily customized, and numerous modules are included in the download. To ensure complete integration with existing communities popular social networking applications including Community Builder, Joomunity, Jomsocial and the upcoming jSocialSuite integration is included, as well as UddeIM integration.

With all these options, we have not forgotten what makes a forum popular.

The users of the community must enjoy using it. For the site's users Agora has a powerful, easy to use BBCode editor, comprehensive profile setting and options, integrated User Map, advanced search options and much more. Agora's integrated Private Messaging System automatically searches through existing usernames, allowing messages to be sent to 5 separate users while using the advanced editor to create custom styled messages.

Thanks to the many feature requests, bug reports translations and styles submitted by the community, Agora is one of the most popular, and we believe best, forum extensions any cms has to offer.

Multilingual Pages or Translator addons

MultiLingual is the solution for your multilingual website if control over the translations matters for you. The core extension is free of charge and allows the translation of any content within your Joomla system. With an easy extension it is also possible to translate any 3rd party extension available for your favored CMS.

MultiLingual is the full featured release including several addons such as a simple Router for your SEO URL's and automatic search within the core extensions. It comes with an integrated one step installer that allows you to get started very simple.

Free documentation including video tutorials, first step documentations and additional material is available on our website. The site also includes an open forum for community support and additional resources.

The automatic FREE translator module uses Google power to translate your web page. With 52 available languages your site will be available to more than 98% of internet users.

^ Hides "Suggest better translation" pop-up
^ Hides Google top frame after translation
^ Mouse over effect
^ Flags combined in one file to load faster
^ Option to open translated page in new window
^ Option to translate the page on fly
^ Available styles Dropdown/Flags/flags with dropdown
^ Valid XHTML
^ Option to operate with Pro version to have SEF URLs and index translated pages in search engines

Simple Quick Cart E-Commerce Extension

What is QuickCart?

QuickCart is a simple shopping cart for our cms. It takes a simple, yet elegant, shopping cart script and integrates directly. It allows you to showcase products, inclusive of images, descriptions and additional options, and purchase these items, with support for shipping and tax calculation..

The extension uses PayPal and Google Checkout as its payment systems, and comes with an inbuilt theme.


* Payment Systems: use PayPal or Google Checkout
* Currencies: use up to 16 different currencies for your store
* Tax Rate: automatic cost calculation based on a tax rate
* Shipping: configure shipping costs for auto-calculation
* kBox: product images use kBox to display larger previews
* Style: inbuilt styling for rapid deployment

Advanced E-Commerce Solution Features

PS: This is NOT a replacement for a complete E-Commerce Solution, however it does have all major features loaded!

General Features

  • capable of using Secure Sockets Layer (https) Encryption (128-bit)
  • flexible Tax Models
    • Model 1: ShipTo Address-based Tax Calculation
    • Model 2: Store Address-based Tax Calculation
    • Model 3: EU Mode (Store Owner based Tax Calculation when Customer comes from an EU Country)
  • Shoppers can manage their User Accounts (registration required)
  • Shipping Address Management (Customers can enter their own Shipping Addresses)
  • Order History: Shopper can view all their previous Orders (and Order Details)
  • Order Confirmation Mail (customizable!) is sent to Shopper and Store Owner
  • Multiple Currencies (you can allow Customers to change the Currency and buy using an alternative Currency)
  • Multiple Languages Compatible

Product Catalog Features

  • Powerful Web-Administration Interface (Javascript-powered)
  • Manages an unlimited Number of Products and Categories
  • Can be used as a Shop or just as an Online-Catalog (you can even turn off Price Display)
  • quick Search for Products, Categories and Manufacturers; filter by features or discounted Products
  • Product Ratings & Testimonials (moderated or auto-published)
  • feature specific Products by setting them "on special"
  • Product Availability: show how fast a Customer can expect delivery
  • Handles downloadable Products (virtual Goods)
  • "Product is back in Stock"-Notification for subscribed Customers

Administration Features


  • multiple Images and Files (like Spec Sheets and Flyers) per Product
  • Product Attributes (like Size or Color) can be added to Product
  • Product Types for Classification (like "Car", "Motorbike" or "Music Album")
  • Shopper Groups for Customers (allows different Price Levels and Payment Options),
  • multiple Prices per Product (Quantity-based and/or Shopper Group-based Prices)
  • flexible Price Display (number & currency formatting; including or excluding tax)
  • On-the-Fly Price Conversion between different Currencies using Live Rates from the ECB or other banks
  • Shop Statistics / Control Panel with a Summary of new Customers, new Orders....
  • Stock Level Control for Products and Item
  • Order Management with Order History, Customer Notification and Order Edit Functionality
  • basic Reporting Feature: sold Items, monthly/yearly Revenue
  • Order Status Management
  • manage different Currencies, Countries & States


Payment Modules

  • capable of live Credit Card Processing
  • pre-defined Payment Gateways like®, PayPal, 2Checkout, eWay, Worldpay, PayMate and NoChex
  • extend your Shop with other Payment Modules using the Payment Module API!


Shipping Modules

  • flexible Shipping Carriers and Rates Configuration
  • Live-Shipping Rates using Shipping Modules (e.g. InterShipper, UPS, USPS, FedEx or Canada Post; Modules can use the Shipping Rate API).
  • extend your Shop with other Shipping Modules using the Shipping Module API!

SEO Optimization

SEF rewrites the cms URL to user-friendly format (SEF URL or URL rewriting): becomes
It is also a security component and manages title and meta tags : automatic tags, or manual for every page. It works with or without .htaccess file. Multilingual compatible. Caching system for high speed and very small DB queries overhead.
Support many components natively but uses also sef_ext from OpenSEF/SEF Advanced. VirtueMart, Kunena, Jomsocial, Community Builder, mosetsTree, HotProperty, Sobi2, Docman, myBlog, iJoomla Magazine,News Portal, Remository and more supported natively. SSL switch, automatic 301 redirection from non-sef to sef, insert Google news style numerical ID,.. Many backend parameters to control URL construction behavior.

  • Improve your search engine ranking and get more traffic to your site

    • get the shortest, most significant urls for your site and your web rankings
    • generate 'human ear friendly' URLs
    • create unlimited short URLs for any page
    • remove duplicate URLs
    • customize the page title and page description
    • automatically emphasize all your article titles with "Heading tags"
    • satisify many of the Google recommendations for search engine optimization with just a few clicks
  • Protect your site from common exploits including:

    • cross-site scripting attacks (XSS)
    • malicious page requests
    • flooding attacks
    • robots spamming input forms such as the contact page (using Project Honey Pot)
    • site access from suspicious domains (using IP address white listing and black listing)
    • identification of site software using the 'meta generator' tag
  • Improve site navigation and HTML best-practices

    • turn error pages into articles containing popular links and/or other relevant content
    • automatically indicate the links on your site that lead to external sites with a small icon
    • automatically convert table-based ouput of core Joomla extensions to the preferred tableless HTML

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